Support After Abortion Montgomery, Alabama

Support After Abortion Montgomery, Alabama

First Choice Women’s Medical Center offers support after abortion in Montgomery, Alabama. Our mission is to provide an environment that promotes healing and restoration. Abortion may cause a high stress reaction. It’s often common to suffer symptoms of post-abortion grief and trauma. This may occur days, months, or even years after the initial experience and can cause an emotionally adverse reaction.

Text “post abortion” to (334) 260-8010 for more info about the support we can provide.

Post Abortion Syndrome Symptoms

If any of the following questions resonate with you, you may be suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome:

  • Do you avoid the subject of abortion?
  • Do you feel shame, grief and guilt at the mention of the word abortion?
  • Do you have lingering feelings of anger, resentment toward people that may have been involved in your abortion?
  • Have you found that you avoid relationships or become co-dependent in them since the abortion?
  • Do you feel unworthy of love?
  • Are you overprotective of the children you have now?
  • Do you use drugs and/or alcohol as a means of escape?
  • Do you have an eating disorder or another self harm disorder?
  • Do you have unrealistic fears?
  • Do you feel a vague emptiness or a deep sense of loss?
  • Do you experience periods of depression?

Counseling or support before you make a decision to have an abortion is very important. If family help and support are not available to you, talking with a spiritual or professional counselor before having an abortion can help you better understand your decision.

Remember, it is a woman’s right to be fully informed by her doctor prior to any procedure. A woman should be encouraged to ask questions.

Our center offers peer counseling and accurate information about all pregnancy options. If you are considering abortion, your first step is to talk to a medical professional about your options. We offer a free pregnancy test and nurse consultation at our center. We never financially benefit from your decision, and can discuss your options with absolutely no pressure. All services are free and confidential.

Know your options. Be educated.

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